Natural Dog Food

Organic Dog Food: Safe, Healthy and Natural

We know you only want to feed your dog the healthiest food. But with so many healthy dog and puppy foods out there, with unknown or unfamiliar ingredients, it's hard to tell what's really good for your dogs. Plus, there's the risk of not knowing what your dog could be allergic to, especially when you have a new dog or puppy. So if you have these concerns, going au naturel is the best choice for you! Luckily, this pet shop carries a wide range of safe, healthy and natural dog food to choose from!

What Does Holistic Dog Food Mean?

Holistic dog food, or any dog food labelled "natural", means it has ingredients in their natural state. This can be applied to the organic dog food product as a whole, if all components are natural, or to individually stated ingredients such as "natural beef flavour”.

Why is Natural Dog Food Better?

Because natural and organic dog foods are free from artificial flavours, colours, fillers and preservatives, there's less risk of your dog developing allergies and skin diseases from them. Additionally, as there are simple ingredients, it's also easier to discern whether the food contains anything harmful to your dog. Plus, there are organic nutrients that are only found in simple, natural, healthy ingredients.

Being a quality protein source, free of any synthetic ingredients also allows natural, holistic dog food to promote good digestion. And with good gut health comes a boost in the immune system that protects your dog from sickness.

You can treat your dog to a natural dog food diet at any time in their life, but you may find the most benefit from starting your dog on this diet early. That’s why we have a huge selection of organic puppy food to give your dog the best start to life.

Natural Grain & Gluten-Free Dog Food

If you're wondering what gluten is, it's the protein found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye. Gluten helps pet foods maintain their shape, acting as a glue. But since some dogs are allergic to gluten, some dog food is formulated without this ingredient. You’ll find plenty of grain-free dog food options, including wet canned dog food, at Pet Station.

Natural Raw Dog Food

Raw dog foods are natural foods free of preservatives and anything artificial. Hence, they are typically dehydrated, air-dried or frozen to prevent spoilage. Raw dog foods are mainly freshly ground meat and bones, but many variants also contain fruits, vegetables and sometimes grains to ensure a healthy nutritional balance. Check out Pet Station’s raw dog food selection now.

Shop High-Quality Natural Dog Food

Discover a delicious and healthy selection of natural, holistic dog foods for your dog's optimum health. Choose from delicious flavours and powerful proteins, including kangaroo, beef, goat, lamb, fish, chicken and pig. But that's not all you’ll find at Pet Station. When you’re looking to buy dog products online, Pet Station is the best place to go. We have everything your dog needs for any stage of life, from puppy dry food to supplements for senior dogs. Show your dog how much you love them, by shopping at Pet Station today!

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