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Are you looking for bird supplies? We've got you covered. Pet station carries brands not just for dogs and cats but also for chirping friends. Vetafarm manufactures products designed for a wide range of animals. Their cutting edge technology, along with creative minds produce first-class products for your pets. Every product they develop is designed with one specific animal in mind. Products include wormer tablets, breeder vitamins, vitamin D3, lice mite control for birds, bird and cage disinfectant, to name a few.

Vetafarm pellets provide complete nutrition. Your bird does not need to eat anything else. It is apple flavoured too, which is highly palatable for your bird. It effectively stops your bird from squirting messy droppings.

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Low sugar diet that is scientifically balanced to replicate their natural food. It also contains all the essential vitamins, amino acids and calcium for a long, healthy life. Vetafarm also has nutriblend pellets formulated to give the daily nutritional need. For breeding birds, it contains the nutritional value they need when laying eggs. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and calcium are added to keep your bird's weight stable.

When you buy Vetafarm online, you will see that aside from birds, they also have food for horses, rabbits, and other animals on a pellet diet. To make sure your birds are getting the right nutrition, you need to make sure all uneaten food is removed regularly. Introduce new taste from natural fruit juices. If you want to give table scraps, do not put a lot on the cage right away, introduce small pieces first. If there is any sign of illness like decreased appetite, fluffed feathers, sneezing or wheezing, immediate treatment is needed. Birds are good in disguising their disease if you think your bird may be sick, keep a stable cage temperature and cover it. Call your pet doctor.

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