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Cat Dental Care

We know how much you care for your pet cat and how important it is to keep them healthy. That's why we at Pet Station offer a wide range of cat healthcare products, so you can ensure that your feline is healthy and happy! We have everything from prescription food, supplements, and other products to support your cat's overall health. So whether it is something like fleas or a more complex medical condition, like diabetes, Pet Station has what you need! At Pet Station, we are committed to providing top-quality healthcare supplies at affordable prices. We have something for every budget and lifestyle need, whether you're looking for a daily treatment or just a one-off.

Your cat's dental care is a vital part of their overall health. Neglecting their oral hygiene will lead to plaque and tartar build-up, leading to worse oral problems like gum disease, gingivitis, and tooth loss. To prevent such issues from occurring, it's crucial to develop good dental hygiene habits right away for your kitties. And we're here to help you with that! Pet Station offers a complete line of cat dental supplies. We've got cat toothbrushes, and salmon flavoured toothpaste to help you brush your cat's teeth more easily. We also have dental chews that help not only clean your cat’s teeth but they also make fantastic treats.

Cat Supplements

Keep your beloved cat at its peak health with premium cat supplements from Pet Station. Just like you, your cat needs a well-balanced diet and a healthy supply of vitamins and minerals to prevent any health conditions. While they get much of their nutrition from their meals, cat supplements and vitamins can help fill in any nutritional gaps. Supplements and vitamins can correct any nutrient deficiency your cat may have and help prevent any health issues. You can get our supplements in various forms, including tablets, soft chews, water additives and oral gels for easier administration.

Cat Skin Care

Your cat may spend days grooming themselves to remove dirt, debris and parasites. This is natural to help them avoid irritated skin. But in between self-grooming sessions, they are constantly exposed to allergens that can lead to an itchy coat or, even worse, skin disease. To keep your cat's skin and fur healthy, we offer a wide range of products, including shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers and more. Our cat skincare products will clean your cat's coat without irritating their skin to keep them healthy and beautiful. We also have an assortment of other grooming products like shampoos, conditioners, brushes and combs so you can find just what you're looking for. Regularly brushing and combing your cat’s fur is important to avoid tangles and matting, particularly for long-haired breeds.

Joint Care

Wondering why your cat is limping? Your cat might be suffering from arthritis. Signs of joint problems can appear at any stage in your pet cat's life. This is why we carry a wide range of joint care cat food that can help your cat manage their pain and live more comfortably. These snacks have ingredients designed to support their bones and provide pain relief. We have them available in various forms and flavours, so you are sure to find the perfect one for your cat.

Stress & Anxiety

Cats are more human-like than you think. They have periods where they're feeling stressed, for instance. If you notice your cat is acting more aggressive, has less energy or appetite, or is sleeping more than usual, these could be signs of stress and anxiety. But you can help your cat deal with their negative emotions. We have the perfect products to help them manage when they're feeling stressed. Try specially developed oils, diffusers and treats to help keep your cat feeling calm and relaxed.

Flea, Tick & Worming Treatments

If your cat picks up fleas, no matter what kind, it is such a nightmare! Thank goodness, Pet Station carries the best flea treatments for cats. These treatments contain flea-killing ingredients like fipronil and methoprene. These help to eliminate adult fleas and flea eggs, as well as their larvae. At Pet Station, we also have a range of tick and worming treatments to keep your pet parasite free, inside and out.

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Keeping your cat strong and healthy is one of the most important things you can do as a cat parent. Our comprehensive range of healthcare products will help keep your pet at its optimum health. So whether you need supplements to promote healthier well being, dental care treatments for healthier teeth, or medication to rid them of parasites, you've come to the right place! We've got everything you need to keep your cat healthy and thriving. Shop our cat healthcare products now!

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