Dog Dental Care

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Make Sure Your Dog Has Strong, Healthy Teeth With Dog Dental Care Products

Do dogs really need their teeth cleaned? They do! Oral health can easily be overlooked when it comes to your pets. But, much like us, they can suffer from tartar, plaque and gum disease if you don’t help them practise good oral hygiene. This can lead to tooth rot, abscesses or deep bone infections that affect your dog's mouth and cause widespread organ damage or severe health issues. Good oral hygiene impacts their overall health and wellness.

A Range of Dog Dental Care

Spare your dog from periodontal issues with good oral hygiene! Pet Station offers a variety of dog teeth cleaning products, as part of our dog healthcare range, to help your canines keep their chompers clean and healthy. You'll also find dog teeth care solutions to ensure helping them with their oral habits is more fun, such as dog dental chews, dental treats and even dog mouthwash.

Ensure Squeaky Clean Teeth With Dog Toothbrushes

Dog toothbrushes should be the standard for every dog's oral care. It's an essential tool to keep your dog's mouth clean and healthy. At Pet Station, you'll find a variety of toothbrush designs and sizes to fit your dog's needs. For example, we've got angled brushes for hard-to-reach areas in your dog's mouth, like the back molars. You'll undoubtedly have an easier time brushing your dog's teeth without grazing the inside of their cheeks. Or you can opt for our double-headed toothbrushes, which can clean your dog's teeth a lot faster. Designed with two heads facing away from each other, double-headed toothbrushes allow for 360-degree cleaning so you can brush your dog’s teeth faster.

Start With Gentle Brushing With Finger Toothbrushes

If your pup isn't fond of brushing their teeth yet, you can introduce brushing with a finger toothbrush. A dog finger toothbrush is a small brush that slips over your fingertip instead of having a handle, so you'll have better control with the brush. Your pup may attempt to chew on the handle of a regular toothbrush, so it may not be ideal until they get older. Finger brushes are particularly excellent for tiny dogs. Small breeds tend to get excessive tartar buildup and gum disease, so finding a comfortable toothbrush is vital to ensure thorough dental cleaning at home.

Introduce Your Dog to Oral Hygiene With Dental Wipes

Is your pup just starting their oral hygiene routine? Starting with dental wipes is a gentle way to introduce good oral habits to your puppy. They are a good way to get your dog used to having their teeth touched until they allow brushing. At the same time, they're effective at wiping the gunk off your dog's teeth. They're also handy and disposable, which is great if you're constantly on the road.

Make Brushing a Treat With Savoury Dog-Formulated Toothpaste

Toothpaste for dogs is specifically formulated to be safe for pets. Unlike human toothpaste, which contains detergents, fluoride and other harmful ingredients which can be harmful when ingested ingredients, dog toothpaste is safe to swallow. You can also find them in delicious flavours that your dog will surely love, like poultry, vanilla mint and more.

Get Rid of Plaque & Dental Buildup With Dog Dental Rinses

Dental rinses and water additives are designed to complement traditional toothbrushing. These formulas contain enzymes and other supplemental ingredients that help fight plaque and bacteria buildup to freshen your dog's breath. They are also formulated to be safe to ingest, unlike human rinses.

A Range of Dog Care Supplies

Find high-quality dog care essentials at Pet Supplies! We have everything you need for all stages of your dog's life, from their puppyhood to senior years. We've got wet canned dog food for tastier and healthier meals. To help them digest their food, we also have canine care probiotic products. We've also got products for health-specific needs, including dog sore muscle treatments.

Ensure Strong Oral Hygiene for Your Dogs

Building your dog's dental hygiene kit? Pet Station has a variety of dog teeth care products to help you maintain your dog's oral health. Shop now to give your dog stronger, cleaner and healthier teeth!

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