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Top-of-the-Line Farm Supplies Online

Whether your farm helps feed the nation or you keep it as a hobby, you need good-quality feed and supplies to ensure your animals are in top condition. At Pet Station, our extensive selection of farm animal supplies is sure to have just what you need. From stock feed to farm animal supplements to grooming supplies, we’ve got it all at competitive and affordable prices.

The Best Brands in Farming Supplies

When you purchase your farm supplies from Pet Station, you can be sure you’re getting only the highest-quality products on offer. We only stock products from the best and most reliable brands around, including Country Heritage, Provico and Vetsense. And you won’t have to spend a fortune to get these fantastics products either, thanks to our great prices. 

Stock Feed for Healthy and Happy Livestock

For a reliable online stock feed store, you can’t go past Pet Station. We have an extensive range of feeds for different livestock, including cattle, goats, pigs, sheep, horses, alpacas, chickens and even kangaroos. Whether you need a solid all-round feed to keep your herd fed whatever the season or you need something to ensure your show horse gains and keeps weight, we can help. We also have milk replacements for calves, lambs and foals to ensure even the youngest of your herd has a nutritionally balanced diet.  

And to make sure your livestock have easy access to their feed and water, we have feeding equipment too. For instance, our great selection of poultry supplies includes feeders to suit any flock. We also have flexible large strong buckets perfect for feeding larger livestock or even storing your go-to supplies. They come in a variety of bright colours so they’re easy to spot even from the other side of the paddock. For your convenience, we also stock automatic waterers so your animals will never go thirsty. And for young animals, we also have bottles and teats to suit different animal species, from guinea pigs to lambs, so you can bottle feed them as necessary.

Affordable Farming Supplements and Farm Animals Healthcare

Some animals may need a little something extra added to their diet, which is where our top-quality supplements come in. For instance, supplements may be required if your animals are working hard, such as training for competitions, or aren’t getting enough nutrients from their food sources, such as in times of drought. Using supplements can be the answer to keeping your livestock healthy and happy. Being proactive and introducing supplements into your livestock’s diet can also prevent them from developing illnesses and injuries related to poor nutrition, such as white muscle disease, joint inflammation and a poor immune system.

Along with supplements, we stock farm livestock healthcare supplies including parasite protection, fly repellant and medicinal treatments. As you would with a household pet, it’s important to keep your livestock free from parasites and in the best condition possible. This ensures, they have a happy life, as well as perform their best, whether it be competing, working or producing quality products to use and sell. Thankfully, with our great selection of healthcare products, this is easy to achieve. These products are simple to deliver to your livestock, from topical treatments to medication that can be mixed into their feed — there’s no need to call out the vet. Plus all our products are affordable. 

Livestock Equipment and Accessories to Keep Them Comfortable and Clean

It’s good to keep your animals fed and healthy, but if they aren’t comfortable or clean, you may not be getting the best from your animals. Luckily, we have you covered. Keep your horses, pigs, chickens and other small animals warm and dry with our wood shavings or straw. We also have dust-free alternatives for animals with respiratory problems.

And if you regularly show your horses or cattle, you need the best-quality grooming supplies to get them looking show-ready. We have shampoos and conditioners suitable for use on cattle and horses to get their coats soft, clean and shining. Our shampoo and conditioner range also includes hypoallergenic options for animals with sensitive skin. And for regular and quick grooming, we have brushes to remove dust, dirt and dead hair while also giving your animal a pleasant massage. Your livestock will thank you for a good grooming session. 

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Choose Pet Station as your go-to store for stock feed and more. Our fantastic selection of affordable products are sure to meet your farm’s needs. Your animals will feel and look better, delivering better quality products and performances. Plus, we deliver all around Australia, offering fast shipping where possible so you don’t have to wait long to get your livestock the best feed, supplements, healthcare products, bedding and grooming supplies. Order today and see the difference Pet Station can make to your farm.