Dog Snacks & Treats

Natural Dog Treats

Choosing dog snacks is vital for your dog’s wellbeing. After all, dog and puppy treats are more than just snacks, they’re another tool you can use to take care of your dog in various ways. They’re useful in many aspects of dog parenting, like training, anxiety management, dental care and more. Even though they should only make 10% of your dog’s total diet, your doggie treats should be made from top-grade ingredients and provide good nutritional value. That’s why we, at Pet Station, make an effort to supply only healthy high-quality treats for your dog. We stock many premium and the most trusted dog treat brands in Australia, including Balanced Life, Greenies, Love Em, Savour Life, Schmackos, Whimzees and Zeal Free Range Naturals. With so many pet treats to choose from, your dog will be spoiled for choice!

Looking for natural dog treats in Australia? We’ve got them here! We have a wide range of natural dog and puppy treats from real horn dog chews to grain-free dog biscuit treats. Treat your dogs with snacks made from real animal bones, air dried raw jerky and more. We offer cheap natural dog treats with ingredients from various organic and ethically sourced meat including kangaroo, beef, goat, lamb, fish, chicken and pig. Our line of products are all-natural and prepared without synthetic ingredients such as preservatives, fillers and artificial flavours.

Healthcare Dog Treats

Dog treats are more than just in-between snacks to treat your dog. Many are designed to target a specific health objective. Digestive dog treats are infused with prebiotics to improve your dog’s gut health and digestion. They’re also fortified with vitamins and minerals that aid digestion and support your dog’s overall health. Calming dog treats are specifically designed to help maintain emotional balance for dogs. They’re made with soothing formulas to help calm your dog when they’re feeling anxious. This is especially helpful during a road trip, thunderstorms, vet visits and any other situations your dog may feel stressed. Joint-care dog treats help alleviate pain from arthritis for old dogs. Dog dental treats are formulated with vitamins and minerals to strengthen your dog’s teeth and bones. These treats also combat plaque and tartar buildup when chewed. Speak with your vet to determine which healthy dog treats are best for your dog.

Dog Training Treats

New dog or puppy? You will love training treats for dogs because they’re designed to help you manage your pet’s behaviour. They’re typically smaller, chewier and softer so you can easily break them for smaller reward portions. They can be the perfect motivators for obedience and discipline.

Our line of dog-training treats come in different varieties to fit your dog’s size and preference. We have puppy treats that come in bite-size morsels with less than four calories each for easy task rewards. Use them with a dog training clicker for best results. We also have freeze-dried dog treats that are packed with protein and are perfect high-value rewards for more strenuous tasks. Jerky treats for dogs have strong aromas and can be easily torn into pieces for quick rewards as your dog learns a new trick. There are so many varieties to choose from! Try them all and see what works best for your dog.

Looking for a new dog treat to reward your dog? We have everything from bone-shaped dog treats to puppy biscuits to dog bones. Find the best dog treats in Australia online here at Pet Station! Explore our great products now!

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