Cat and Kitten Treats

Healthcare Treats

Treat your cats with scrumptious, mouthwatering cat snacks! They will surely love you for it. At Pet Station, we have a wide selection of the best cat treats for your cat! We sourced every kind of cat and kitten treats to target your pet feline’s specific needs. From your cat’s soft treats, sweets, catnips, natural to liquid cat treats, find them all here at Pet Station.

When feeding your cat treats, it’s best to think of them as cat desserts. These treats should be no more than 10% of your cat’s diet — anything more than that can cause weight gain. Since you can’t feed them too much, you have to watch what you feed your pet all the time, even if it's just cat treats. That’s why it’s important to choose cat snacks that are high quality and highly nutritious. Luckily, Pet Station stocks only the best and most trusted brands in Australia, such as Greenies, Dine, Fancy Feast, Temptations, Inaba, Vetalogica and Zeal Free Range Naturals. You can never go wrong with these great brands.

Many of our cat treats are more than just snacks though, they’re packed with different vitamins and minerals to target a specific health need. Dental treats for cats are designed to support your cat’s dental and oral care. Some treats are shaped with a rough crunchy texture to help scrub off the tartar buildup from your cat's teeth. Digestive snacks are packed with prebiotics, vitamins and minerals to help boost your cat’s digestive health. Joint-care treats are specially formulated to help older cats manage pain from arthritis. While anxiety treats can help calm your cat when they’re feeling extremely anxious. Other treats will keep your beloved cat looking beautiful, ensuring a shiny coat. They are packed with vitamins and minerals to keep your cat’s skin and fur healthy.

We have a range of healthy snacks for your cats, so you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your cat’s specific health needs here. When you’re looking for vet-approved treats, you can trust Pet Station’s selection. However, it’s important to speak with your vet to determine which treats will best help your cat.

Liquid Cat Treats

Your cat will surely love the experience of liquid cat treats. There are so many ways to feed your cat with these treats. You can simply put them in a bowl, drizzle them on top of their cat food for extra indulgence, or feed them by hand for a unique bonding experience with your beloved feline. These treats are so delicious and flavourful, they can be the best cat treats for training. Because they’re soft and liquid, you can also mix your cat’s supplements and medication in them. They won’t notice because these treats are just so tasty. To keep your cat excited about these treats, it’s best to keep rotating the flavours or reserve them as high-reward snacks for good behaviour. You can think of ways to creatively incorporate soft cat treats not just in feeding but in several aspects of your cat care, like teaching them tricks. Start by exploring our wide selection of liquid cat treats.

Natural Treats

It’s no wonder why so many cat parents only choose natural cat treats. Because they are made with real and ethically sourced ingredients, they allow your cat to receive the optimum health benefits from these natural ingredients. For instance, we have freeze-dried real meat for your cat, which is typically much higher in protein than regular cat food or treats. This can give your cat the energy it needs for its daily activities. Natural cat treats are also free from synthetic ingredients, preservatives, fillers, and artificial colours and flavours. Your cat is guaranteed to enjoy these safe and healthy snacks. They’re perfect for cats who have allergies and sensitive digestion. This is because since they’re made from simple and natural ingredients, they are easily digestible, which also means vitamins and minerals are more easily absorbed by your cat.

Which kind of cat snacks would you like to treat your cat to first? Find out your cat’s favourite from Pet Station’s wide selection of premium cat treats. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your choices. Your cat will be thrilled by the variety of amazing flavours. Start shopping now!

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