Dry Dog Food

Dry Dog Foods for a Nutrition-Dense Diet

As dog-parents, we only want to give our fur baby the very best — most especially when it comes to dog food! Since food has the most impact on your dog's health, it's absolutely crucial to feed your dog a highly nutritious diet.

Our dry dog foods have all the nutritional needs to make a healthy dog diet, including a balance of protein, fat and fibre! These nutrients come from a dried meat source, such as beef, turkey, chicken, or lamb, that is sometimes mixed with grains and vegetables for a more diverse diet. Besides these ingredients, vitamins and other supplements are added to the dry kibble dog food formula to promote nutrient absorption and increase the nutritional value. This can include omega-3 fatty acids for healthier skin and coats, probiotics to promote gut health, and antioxidants to boost the immune system.

A Wide Selection of Dry Dog Food

At Pet Station, we understand each dog has different dietary needs and restrictions. That's why we do our best to supply you with a diverse selection of dry dog foods, so your dog can enjoy and benefit from optimum nutrition in comfort. Our healthy selection of dry dog food includes:

Puppy Dry Food

Your pup has different nutritional needs compared to adult and senior dogs. And despite often being the same size, they're also different from smaller breed dogs. Our puppy dry foods have the perfect balance of nutrition that's most beneficial to young dogs. Ask your vet when you should start to feed your puppy kibble, but many suggest starting this diet at around 4 to 5 weeks old.

Senior Dog Dry Food

As your dog grows older, their diet changes with them as well. As a result, they'll need senior dog dry food specially formulated to cater to the change in their nutritional needs. Wondering when your dog should transition to a senior dog diet? Most dog breeds are deemed senior from age 7 and above, but it's always best to consult your vet when it comes to deciding on your dog's diet.

Limited Ingredient & Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Some dogs have food sensitivities and diet restrictions due to certain conditions. Feeding your dog a diet of natural dog food or specialised dry food may be the answer, but it’s best to consult your vet first before changing your dog’s diet. And if changes do need to be made, you can find alternative dog food here at Pet Station.

High-Protein Dry Dog Food

Protein is one of the vital nutrients your dog needs, but the amount of protein they will need depends on a few factors. For example, some dog breeds, active dogs and dogs with certain conditions require extra protein from their foods. If your dog needs a high-protein diet, simply shop the Pet Station range.

Weight-Management Food

If your dog is overweight, they may benefit from a low-fat diet. If your vet recommends a weight-management program, you can find diet dog food to complement this in our store.

Treat your Dogs with Healthy Kibbles!

Find the best dog dry food formula for your dog here at Pet Station! Our shop only offers the best and most nutritious dry dog food. But we also have high-quality wet dog food to suit your dog’s needs and eating preferences.

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