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When you’re a fur parent, you need to invest in good-quality dog collars and harnesses from the time they are a young puppy to when they’re fully grown and your reliable and charming bestie. As your puppy grows, any pretty dog collars they have will need to be updated. You may need to do this fairly regularly as some dogs grow so fast. At Pet Station, you can choose from a wide variety of funky dog collars for your best friend. We only stock the best dog collars, designed to fit your budget. You can get a quality collar without hurting your wallet.

Adjustable and heavy-duty dog collars and leads are a must for your bestie. A dog training collar needs to be sturdy to withstand wear and tear as your dog learns and plays. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also choose a collar that looks great. We have durable collars from reputable brands like Rogz and Prestige Pet Products that come in an exciting range of colours, designed to fit dogs of many different breeds and sizes. Our range also includes leather dog collars. These collars are hard-wearing while also giving your fur-baby a traditional and sophisticated look.

If you want to accessorise or customise a dog collar, one way is with tags. At Pet Station, we have dog tags to complement your dog’s personality, whether they’re a princess or a goofball. Alternatively, if you want your dog to look extra stylish, then you need to check out our great range of dog bandanas, designed to slip on over your dog’s collar. With one of the best collections of dog bandanas in Australia, your pooch can express their personality with a little flair on their daily walk. Choose from a range of colours and patterns to find the perfect one. Or even select a few so your dog can have a different look for every day of the week!

Training Your Dog is Easy with The Right Equipment

To ensure your new best friend doesn’t get into trouble, it’s important to start training your dog as soon as they come into your family. This may mean going to puppy preschool, organising playdates with calm older dogs and plenty of one-on-one practice with you. In order to get the most out of your dog’s training sessions, we recommend making sure you have all the right equipment. Dog harnesses, for instance, can be extremely useful when teaching your dog to walk on the lead. They can help you maintain control even when your dog becomes overexcited. Some harnesses can also be used to keep your dog safe and secure in the car. At Pet Station, we have some of the best dog harnesses available in Australia.

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We also recommend having a good-quality lead for whenever you are walking your dog. There are many different dog leashes available so you’re sure to find the perfect one in our store. For instance, if your dog likes to walk ahead or stop and sniff on your walks, a retractable dog leash could be just what you need. The leash can extend as needed so you don’t have to stop and wait for your dog, and when you want your dog to come closer to you, you can pull the leash back in.

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Alternatively, if your dog likes to mouth or pulls at their lead, then you need a dog leash made of rope. Rope leashes are made to be extremely durable so even the most determined of dogs will have a hard time breaking these leads. Some dog owners prefer chain leads when looking for a durable leash.

While dog muzzles may seem cruel, in reality, they are actually a way to help keep you, your dog and others safe. If your dog is reactive or feels anxious in certain situations, a muzzle can be a way to keep everyone safe as your dog learns to feel calm in a particular environment. Over time, you may not need to use the muzzle anymore, but it can be an extremely handy tool as you start training your dog. At Pet Station, we understand how important dog muzzles are so we stock a range of sizes to suit different breeds and sizes of dogs. Ensuring you pick the right size of muzzle will help your dog feel more comfortable and adjust quickly to wearing it.

Pamper Your Dog With A New Collar and Lead from Pet Station

If you’re looking for all your essential dog equipment and more in one spot, then Pet Station is where you need to go. Our premium-quality products are affordable and designed to meet yours and your dog’s needs. Whether you need to kit your puppy out for training or just want to start a bandana collection so your dog can look as good as you, you can get it all at Pet Station.