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KONG Dog Genius™ Leo Toy Large image
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KONG Cat Active Moppy Ball Toy Assorted image
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Buy Kong Dog Toys Australia

Dogs will always find something to chew; it is their nature. Most puppies love squeaky toys because they are fascinated with its sound and give them instant gratification. Since dogs are descendants of wolves, there is no surprise that they have a hunting instinct. Toys give them instant gratifications and give them tons of health benefits too. If dogs have toys to play with, they most likely disregard your furniture and landscaping. Aside from that, you can use toys to get your dog's attention and use it as a reward for their excellent behaviour.

Best Puppy Dog Toys

Having these thoughts in mind, Kong dog toys Australia are suitable for all stages of their lives. Kong dog toys are soft and satisfying for your pets for chasing, fetching, or solo play. Kong toys are built for long-playing chewing, keeping your dog's teeth and jaw healthy. It will also keep your dog exercised while they enjoy playing. Depending on your dog breed, there is a kong toy for your pet. You can check Kong for small dogs if you own a Yorkshire or a Shih Tzu. Kong extreme toys for big and more energetic dogs like a shepherd or a husky. Then, there is the popular kong wobbler for all dogs. If you are too busy to play with your dogs, kong toys also have interactive toys to keep your pets entertained while you are working or away.

Kong toys are not only for canine babies but for the feline clan too. They have teaser toys, catnip sprays, moving mouse, chase toys, and moppy ball toys. Interactive toys are also perfect for cats; it promotes healthy exercise and fulfils cats' instinctual desires to chase, chase, and capture.

Beyond toys, Kong makes your pet happy and satisfied. Check all Kong toys and products at Pet Station to score deals and discounts.