Cat Products

At Pet Station, we understand the importance of high-quality products to ensure your cat’s health and happiness. This is why we provide everything you need to take care of your furriest family member at each stage of their life. We offer a variety of food items, treats, toileting supplies, healthcare products, toys and accessories to suit every kind of cat and household. With a range of recognised and favourite brands including Advance, Hills Science Diet, Whiskas, Optimum, Frontline, Advantage, Vets All Natural, Petmate, Dine, and Fancy Feast, Pet Station has the best cat stuff on the market.

Cat Food

When you’re browsing for cat supplies online, it helps to know which items will work best for your particular cat. This is especially important when you’re selecting cat food, which should vary depending on your cat’s age, dietary requirements and medical needs. Luckily, Pet Station provides nourishing cat food for every cat to enjoy.

We supply wet and dry cat food in many different flavours, with a range of options specifically for growing kittens as well as adult cats, mature cats, and pregnant or nursing cats. We also supply food for weight control, hairball reduction and urinary health. Another great option is our selection of natural cat foods, which promote easy digestion and intestinal health. These products are filled with vitamins and minerals and have no added artificial ingredients, so you can be sure that you’re giving your cat the best food to improve their wellbeing.

Cat Treats

Cat treats are a wonderful way to reward, train, stimulate and show affection towards your cat. This is why we at Pet Station believe in supplying cat owners with nutritious treats that are appropriate for every age and type of cat. Whether your fussy feline prefers biscuits, liver treats or liquid treats, Pet Station’s online cat store has the perfect healthy snack. Cat treats are also available in a variety of flavours, with catnip and dairy varieties as well as meats such as duck, lamb, chicken, tuna, beef, venison and kangaroo. For cats with particular health issues, we have a selection of treats for calming anxiety, improving coats and preventing hip and joint pain.

Cat Healthcare

Searching for safe, reliable and effective cat accessories online can become even more stressful when your pet is in need of healthcare items. Pet Station takes the stress out of cat healthcare by stocking an assortment of high-quality products in one convenient location. We offer products that are designed to improve dental and digestive health, as well as the long-term condition of your cat’s eyes, ears, bones and teeth.

We prioritise your cat’s wellbeing with various vitamin and mineral supplements; joint and skincare products; fleas, mites, ticks and worming medications; antifungal agents; and products to treat anxiety. These items are not only necessary when your cat has an ailment but useful for maintaining your pet’s day-to-day wellbeing. Our healthcare selection will give your cat the best chance at a long, happy and healthy life, and will even save you some expensive visits to the vet.

Essential Cat Supplies

Along with food and healthcare products, Pet Station has all the cat accessories required to keep your cat comfortable and your home orderly. Our variety of hard-wearing cat supplies, which include carriers, collars, leads and harnesses, are designed to make transportation easy for both you and your cat. We also offer household essentials such as beds; food and water bowls; kitty litter and boxes; and odour eliminators. To protect your flooring and furniture, items such as scratching posts, furniture roll, disinfectant cleansers and even grooming tools will minimise mess and damage. At Pet Station, we stock the best brands in cat accessories Australia has to offer.

Cat Toys

How do I keep my cat entertained when I don’t have a cat shop near me? If you have ever asked yourself this question, fear not, because Pet Station has the answer. Our online shop is easy to navigate and has a huge range of toys designed to keep your cat happy and active. Playing with your cat is a great way to create and maintain a close bond, but we understand that this isn’t always possible. This is why Pet Station offers automated toys for independent play as well as toys that encourage interaction between owner and cat. We also stock toys with nip; puzzles for mental stimulation; and play spaces that allow your cat to crawl, climb, burrow and hide. Having a wide variety of toys is vital for keeping your cat entertained, especially if they are indoor-only pets. Swap out their toys periodically for a happy, playful cat or kitten.

For cat supplies, Australia loves, browse the Pet Station cat shop online today!