Feliway Cat & Kitten Diffuser & Refill Kit & Travel Spray

Cats are territorial animals; they need to feel that they are in a safe environment continually. They are discreet in showing their feelings and divert their attention to address their needs. Your cat is unhappy when they start scratching furniture, walls, or other prominent objects. They would begin fighting other cats in the household and would stay away from you.

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To make sure your cat is happy and well-balanced, you must provide essential resources like a freshwater bowl, a balanced diet, and clean, accessible litter. You can add Feliway to your cat's essentials. Feliway Diffuser comforts your cat at home and reduces any sign of stress. It is clinically proven and recommended by vets.

Feliway contains a synthetic version of feline facial pheromones. The natural scent and in turn makes the cat feel that they are in a safe and familiar environment. The Feliway diffuser is easy to use - plug and play, and you are set for a month. It comes with Feliway refill, which can cover areas up to 70 square meters. Each refill lasts for 30 days.

If you are travelling, Feliway spray is the best travel buddy for your cat. It offers the same reassurance that Feliway diffuser gives. Your assurance on-the-go. The best way to use the Feliway spray is when you are about to visit the vet or during car journeys. This is also effective to remove markings from walls and other places. Make sure you hold off your cat before allowing them to go near the area you applied the spray on. This product should not be used to spray directly on to the cats or use it on carriers if your cat is already inside. Lastly, avoid spraying scratching posts because they will no longer use it. You do not want that.

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