Dog Healthcare Products

Ensure a Healthy, Happy Canine

Taking a dog into your home is a full responsibility. This means keeping your dog healthy and happy to the best of your abilities. But even when we give them the best care in the world, it's still inevitable for them to get sick. Fortunately, at Pet Station, we have healthcare for dogs to help them recover and maintain optimal wellbeing. Wondering what healthcare dogs need? Shop our dog health care collection below to find out and keep your dogs in good shape!

Make Healthy Oral Habits With Dog Dental Care Products

Looking after your dog includes ensuring they have good dental care. Neglecting their oral health leads to dental problems like gum disease, gingivitis and, even worse, tooth loss. So make sure to stay on top of your dog’s oral hygiene with Pet Station's dog dental supplies. We've got dental tools such as dog toothbrushes, finger brushes and dental wipes to help you brush your dog’s teeth. Partner them with meat-flavoured toothpaste to get them excited about brushing their teeth. We've also got crunchy dental chews to help them clean their teeth even without toothbrushes.

Supply Complete Nutrition With Dog Supplements

Ensure a healthy, happy dog with our top-of-the-line dog supplements. Dogs need a good source of vitamins and minerals to help prevent certain health conditions. But, sometimes, even the best canned dog food can't give them all the nutrition they need. Pet Station offers a wide range of dog supplements to make up for any nutrient deficiencies your pooch may have. Get them in soft chews, tablets, water additives and oral gels for easier administration to your doggies.

Ensure Clean & Clear Skin With Skin Care for Dogs

Keep your dog looking, smelling and feeling great with Pet Station's grooming supplies! Unlike cats, your dog can't keep itself clean. Left alone, your dog will start to smell and develop skin problems. So be on top of your dog's skin and fur care with our dog grooming products! You'll find dog shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers, including gentle formulas for sensitive skin, to ensure cleaner, healthier skin and fur for your dog.

Ensure Healthy Guts With Dog Digestion & Probiotics

Does your dog's tummy hurt? Luckily, we have a wide range of dog digestive care products to help relieve your dog's stomach aches. These products are not just for instant relief, though. They also support and improve your dog's digestion to help prevent it from becoming a bigger problem in the future. Our digestion care and probiotic products contain millions of microorganisms, vitamin C and beta-carotene to support your dog's digestive system.

Support an Active Dog With Dog Muscle & Tendon Care for Dogs

Being playful and active is one of the most endearing qualities of any dog. And playing is undoubtedly something every dog needs for their overall health and wellbeing. Yet, some risks can come with being so active, like muscle strains and tendon injuries. Good thing, recovery is much faster with dog muscle and tendon care products. These products are specially formulated to provide relief and speed healing from muscle and tendon injuries. You'll have a healthy, active dog once again in no time!

Keep Your Pups Calm With Our Anti-Anxiety Products

Is your dog often stressed or anxious? When you notice your dog suddenly panting, hiding in unusual spots, urinating uncontrollably or barking inappropriately, these could be signs of anxiety. Consult your vet to find out if your dog may benefit from our anxiety and calming supplements. These products can help your dog calm down, so they won't find situations as stressful. Our pet toys are also helpful in distracting your dog from stressful situations. This is an excellent way to relieve their anxiety naturally. Browse our dog products developed especialcvly to treat stress and anxiety now.

Eliminate Parasites With Flea, Tick & Worming Treatments

Don't you hate it when your dogs get fleas, ticks or worms? They're not only gross, but they are also dangerous. When your dog becomes a host to a parasite, they become susceptible to some diseases, both minor and deadly.

For example, the saliva from a flea bite can leave your dog's skin irritated, making their skin itch. This irritation can be too uncomfortable for your dog, tempting them to scratch and bite the area to the point that they lose fur. What's scarier is that fleas can be carriers of tapeworms. Tapeworms are notorious parasites that take away essential nutrition from your dog. Finally, let's not forget about ticks. They are not to be taken lightly. Ticks can be bearers of dangerous diseases or even cause paralysis. Thus, Pet Station has a wide selection of flea, tick and worming treatments that you can easily administer at home.

Shop Our Dog Healthcare Products

As dog parents, we strive to keep our dogs happy and healthy, including providing them with nutrition and healthcare treatment. At Pet Station, we offer a comprehensive range of dog healthcare products that will prevent and address the most common dog ailments. So whether you need medicated food to treat a pre-existing condition or a simple deworming treatment, you've come to the right place! We've got everything you need for your canine to be healthy and thriving. Shop our line of healthcare products for dogs now!

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