Dog Muscle & Tendon Care

Relieve Muscle & Tendon Pain for Your Pooch

No matter their size, your dog's joints need to be taken care of. Movement can strain their muscles and ligaments, so when sprinting for a ball or simply going up a flight of stairs, they're putting force on their body. Without proper care and nutrition, they might sprain a muscle or injure a tendon, causing pain and discomfort. This is especially true for older dogs. Pet Station's dog muscle and tendon care products relieve your canine from pain and help prevent future injuries.

Benefits of Dog Muscle & Tendon Care

Alleviate Pain

It breaks our hearts to see our dogs whimpering in pain and discomfort. Our dog muscle and tendon care help alleviate pain by blocking specific nerve pain receptors that send information to the brain. This can help your dog feel more comfortable as they heal. Make sure to support your dog’s healing with other products from our dog healthcare range too.

Reduce Inflammation

When there's swelling in their tendons, there must be fluid accumulating around your dog's tissues, causing pain and long-term discomfort. Our dog tendonitis treatment products help drain the fluid and decrease the inflammation surrounding the muscles and tendon.

Strengthen Joints

One of the best benefits of muscle and tendon care is it also supports joint health. It provides pain relief and analgesia for joint stiffness and connective tissue, helping your dog get more movement and strengthen the joint.

Repair Damaged Tissue and Cartilage

How can you tell if a dog pulled a muscle? While it’s different for all dogs, you may notice your dog limping or moving with more difficulty. If you have a very active dog who loves running around and playing, you can expect their muscles and tendons to take a beating and sore muscles to follow. Our dog sore muscle treatment products help repair any damaged tissue caused by strains from daily exuberance.

Encourage a Happier Life

How much has your dog's behaviour changed after an injury? Constant pain prevents our dogs from living life to the fullest. Once they're healed from their injury and not inhibited by pain, they'll be able to run, jump and play again worry-free!

A Range of Dog Care Supplies

Discover a selection of well-trusted and high-rated dog care essentials at Pet Supplies! Whatever your dog needs, we have it ready for you, whether they're in their puppy or senior years. We've got wet canned dog food to treat your dog to a delightful meal. To support good digestion, we also have canine care probiotic products available. We also carry a range of dog dental care products for a healthier mouth.

Bring Back Your Active Carefree Dog

Hate to see your dog hurt and in pain? We understand. That’s why Pet Station carries a range of dog injury treatment supplies to help treat your dog's injuries. So shop now and see your dog happy and full of life!

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