Passwell Bird Food Products

If you are looking for a budgie and feed for a lorikeet, then you've come to the right place. Pet Station offers a wide selection of products for all animals at an affordable price. One brand we have is Passwell, known to supply animal needs for the wildlife carriers; they made their products accessible to more consumers too. They have supplied functional bird foods and advice to endangered species recovery programs including the Black Stilt in New Zealand, the Magpie Robin in Seychelles, the Regent Honeyeater in New South Wales, the Helmeted Honeyeater in Victoria. Majority of their product line is being used at local zoos and parks.

Passwell Crumbles Bird Food

Passwell Budgie Starter is a Nutritionally balanced high-quality protein soft food to supplement the diets of breeding birds. It is prepared from ingredients high in essential amino acids. It contains added vitamins, minerals and other critical nutrients to provide a complete diet for budgie chicks. Another product that you can check out is the Passwell Complete Lorikeet 20kg Granular powder. It is a granular powder that is a complete balanced diet for pet, aviary or wild lorikeets. The product can be fed dry, straight from the pack, or mixed with the desired quantity of water to produce a wet mix. Some lorikeets will load their drinking water with dry food, so always have fresh water available.

Lorikeets & Lories are specialised parrots that feed mainly on nectar & pollen from flowering plants. Not all species are accustomed to eating a large amount of starch or fibre in their diet. To ensure top of the line health, remove soiled or uneaten food daily and replace with fresh food.

Check out Pet Station to browse other products for your birds. They have a wide selection of food for budgie, parrots, lorikeets, canary, and finch, to name a few.