Digestive Probiotics for Dogs

Maintain a Happy, Healthy Gut

Digestive issues can significantly affect your dog's quality of life, that's why ensuring a healthy gut will help with their general well-being. Good thing, Pet Station carries a wide selection of dog digestive care products so you can find an appropriate solution for your pup.

Probiotics are an important part of any dog owner’s dog healthcare kit. These vital microorganisms play an important role in your pet's digestive tract. They counteract harmful gut bacteria to prevent disease and promote health. They're also helpful in breaking food down and making nutrients. Also, they battle potential pathogens and strengthen your dog’s immunity. Of course, make sure to consult your veterinarian before adding any supplements to your pup's diet to ensure it won't interfere with their specific needs.

A Range of Canine Care Probiotics & More

Mix Probiotic Powders With Your Dog's Favourite Food

Dog probiotics often come as powders and are intended to mix with their food. The best thing about powdered probiotics is that they are protected from exposure to the environment, including air and moisture, allowing for improved efficacy.

Promote Comfortable Bowel Movements

Along with probiotics, our dog digestive care range includes dog laxatives and stool softeners for dogs and puppies. These medications can help relieve your dog’s bowels, allowing for a more comfortable bowel movement.

Use a Quick Dose of Dog Digestive Care Gels

These laxative gels are often an easy and fast way to give your dog digestive relief. Use them about twice a week, and you'll notice their stools will become significantly softened and your dog experiences less stomach pain.

Sneak a Probiotic Pill to Your Dog’s Treats

We also have probiotic pills available! You can hide these pills in a pill pocket or a tasty treat you're sure your dog will swallow whole to help look after their digestive health.

Feed Your Dog Tasty Probiotic Food

A lot of dog food nowadays has probiotic components in it! This is possibly one of the easiest ways to add probiotics to your dog's food. Another benefit of dog food with probiotics is that it often contains prebiotics, which is nutrition for the beneficial bacteria and probiotics in their gut!

Just remember that bacteria are pretty sensitive microorganisms. So if the food hasn't been made correctly, the probiotics can be killed off during production, so make sure to choose a quality product. But that’s not an issue when you shop at Pet Station!

A Range of Dog Care Supplies

Get high-quality dog care supplies at Pet Station! We've got your back with whatever you need to take care of your dog. How's your dog's dental health? We've got dog teeth care products to ensure optimal oral health. Is your dog a picky eater or needs special food? We have a range of wet canned dog food to get your dog drooling and meet their dietary requirements. Is your dog active and at risk of muscle or tendon issues? Get doggy first aid products from our range of dog injury treatments and be prepared.

Dog Digestive Care Products Available Now

Pet Station carries a range of digestive care products to help restore and maintain a healthy gut for your dog. Shop our probiotics and more to look after your dog inside and out!

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