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Your One-Stop Dog Shop

At Pet Station, we have all your dog’s needs sorted, so you can take good care of your fur baby hassle-free! We have a fantastic range of nutrient-rich dog food, tasty dog treats, comfortable dog bedding, tantalising toys, stylish dog accessories and so much more. It’s easy to see why Pet Station is everything you’re looking for and more in a dog supply store. 

The Best Dog & Pet Supplies Online and in Australia

We pride ourselves on only stocking the best in dog supplies and at affordable prices too. Check out our great selection and you’ll see big-name brands like Advance, Pedigree, Kong and more. At Pet Station, you can get the products your pooch loves at competitive prices and all online! Save time shopping and spend more time with your fur-bestie instead!

All Your Dog Food Supplies Online

Whatever your breed of dog, their size or their dietary needs, we’re sure to have the right food for them. Wet or dry, our dog food supplies come in a range of sizes, flavours and brands. We have food suitable for all stages of life too, from puppy to senior and all in between. And if your dog has allergies or a sensitive tummy, we have hypoallergenic options too. Of course, we wouldn’t be a good dog food store if we didn’t also have an array of delectable dog treats to choose from.

You can spoil your best friend with a new treat every day, from bite-size snacks to quick training rewards to teeth-cleaning chews to long-lasting boredom busters. Our treat range includes many natural products made from pig, venison, beef, sheep and kangaroo. We also have supplements to add to your dog’s food to ensure they’re getting all their required vitamins and minerals. This can be a great way to keep your dog in good condition and decrease the risk of many types of illnesses and injuries. 

Dog Beds and Accessories to Keep Your Dog Cosy

So your dog has somewhere soft to rest its head when it’s time for a snooze, you need to check out the fantastic dog beds we have in store. No matter the size of your dog, there’s a bed to suit them — and maybe even room for a sleepover with a doggy pal! If your dog likes to sleep inside, we have plenty of soft mats and beds with washable covers. Alternatively, we also have a great range of durable outdoor beds, including hammocks and kennels.

You may even like to offer your dog a range of options so they can choose what suits them best at the moment — and even keep them out of your bed! To make sure your dog is extra comfortable, we also have a wide selection of dog bed accessories. For the summer months, use a cooling pad to keep your pup cool. Then, you can switch it out for a heating pad or blanket in cooler weather. Your dog will sleep soundly and comfortably.

Your Dog’s Favourite Online Toy Store

Your dog needs a toy box full of playthings to stay stimulated and live a happy and healthy life. When putting together our range of dog toy supplies, we made sure to include toys to suit all breeds of dogs as well as personalities. If your dog loves to run and play fetch, check out our different balls and fetch toys. For the dogs that love to chew, we have durable toys that can withstand strong jaws. Keep your dog busy during the day with our treat toys, which require them to use their problem-solving skills and persistence to get a tasty reward. And finally, when your dog is ready to fall asleep after a big day, we even have toys that are perfect for them to snuggle with.

Dress Your Dog With Stylish Accessories

All dogs need a quality leash and collar to enjoy walks out with their owners. At Pet Station, we pride ourselves on our excellent selection of dog collars, leads and more. Find a collar and lead to suit your dog’s personality, as well as their walking style. Then add a little flair with a bandana or tag. This can be a great way to make your dog stand out from the crowd, as well as show them how much you love them by making them feel special.

All Your Dog and Pet Supplies Online

Pet Station is your one-stop dog shop, with everything your dog could ever need. Our great range of cheap and affordable dog and pet supplies is second to none. We stock reputable brands and products designed to suit your dog’s needs and preferences. At Pet Station, we make it easy for you to save time ordering your dog’s favourite food and treats online, as well as find bedding, toys, collars and leads perfect for them.

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