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Black Hawk Dog & Cat Food Specials

Dogs are picky eaters, and we at Pet Station understand the needs of variety for your dog food. Black Hawk dog food is made with real meat and veggies to ensure your besties will get everything they need from the food they eat. Black Hawk patrons noticed that dogs who eat their food have shinier coats, healthier, and happier dogs. The selection varies from Black Hawk dog food 20kg, Black Hawk puppy food, Black Hawk lamb and rice 20kg, Black Hawk chicken and rice 20kg, and Black Hawk fish and potato. Depending on how often you shop sizes from 3kg, 10 kg, and 20kg are available. If you do not want to shop often, you can buy the Black Hawk 20kg one and have enough supply for the next 6-8 months.

Black Hawk Pet Food Ingredients

Black hawk puppy includes functional ingredients like blueberries, dried kelp, and rosemary, with added food-grade ingredients such as emu oil, omega fatty acids, for shiny skin and healthy coat. Black hawk lamb and rice are made from highly digestible lamb meat rich in protein and fat to keep with your pet's need. For dogs who like chicken, black hawk chicken and rice is the best choice. Chicken provides adequate omega fatty acids for a healthy shine and coat. The rice used is brown rice complete with B vitamins, fibre and minerals for carbohydrate. Black Hawk also has a selection for cats - kitten and adult. They also have the same variety of fish and rice, chicken and rice, and wet food like a chicken with peas for your feline best friend.

All Black hawk products have no artificial flavouring, colours, and preservative, 100% no corn, no soy and no GMO. Black hawk commitment to real pet food became a movement that even master breeders supported them. Blackhawk is part of the Masterpet company based in Australia and New Zealand.

We connect as one to support happier and healthier pets. Browse our website to check our Black Hawk Products.