Snooza Big Dog bed & Dog Supplies

Do you have a big dog and are looking for the best bed for them? At Pet Station, we know that you are always on the lookout for high quality and affordable products. Thankfully, we have Snooza in our product line, a company that produces luxury pet comfort products. These high-quality pet comfort products will surely make your pet happy.

Snooza Dog Mats & Bed Replacement Cover

Snooza is a proud Australian manufacturing product for the fur members of your family. It is their mission to continue luxury comfort for all dogs, big or small. One of their best selling products that we carry is the Snooza dog bed. It is a soft, doughnut shape bed guaranteeing a comfortable sleep for your dog.

Snooza beds have removable, replaceable cushion & outer ring, washable covers and inners with Separate Zipper. They guarantee 100% lifetime guarantee against flaws & defects. You can also check out Snooza pet futon, an excellent product from their collection. It offers a versatile and rustic appeal to the bed. The materials used for the futon adjusts to warm and cold weather. Ideal for bringing for travel or as a cushion to a Snooza raised bed.

Buy Snooza Cuddler Dog Beds Online

Another notable bed from Snooza is the Snooza cuddler. It is filled with Snoozafill a unique blend of foam and fibre specifically designed for pets. Its unique walls provide comfort and security to the dog. All you have to do is to replace the cushion for cleaning, and your bed is good as new. It also has non-slip paws at the bottom to prevent the bed from sliding around. Other Snooza products include ortho lounger, anti-flea bed, cocoon type bed, multi mat perfect for both indoor and outdoor beddings for your dog. For feline lovers, do not fret because Snooza also has a selection for your cats. They have beds and scratch poles to choose from.

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