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Cats eat differently than humans. If it is your first time to get a cat, your first question would be - how often should you feed your cat? Feeding a cat depends on their age. Kittens may need more than their weight to support their growth versus adult cats. Kittens are fed three times a day, and as they mature, two times a day is enough. For cats who reached seven years and above, they should follow a timed feeding schedule. Once per day will be enough.

Fancy Feast has a collection of savoury flavours, fine textures and inspired recipes. Fancy Feast products give something uniquely delicious to feed your cat. Fancy Feast Cat food has a variety of wet and dry food for your cats - from broths, grilled tuna, cod sole, shrimp, salmon, prawns, even chicken and liver. For occasional feeding and supplement needs, there is Fancy Feast Royale. It is highly palatable with tender and tasty cuts from tuna, shrimp, and roasted chicken. This is best for cats with poor appetite. Consider a schedule and the right food for your cats, and they will be surely happy and healthy.

Most cat owners feed dry food only, but if this is the case, they need to be provided fresh water all the time to prevent any urinary tract blockages. Dry food is okay as long as it is complete and balanced. To make sure your cat is getting enough water, you can combine wet or canned food. Canned food contains 70-80 percent water, and it is more palatable for some cats. Food must be palatable for cats; there would be brands that your cats won't like. It's a matter of trial and error. Avoid buying in bulk until you find what your cat-like.

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