Equinade Glowsilk Shampoo for Pets

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Do not spend your hard-earned money on products that will not contribute to your pets' wellness. We at Pet Station only carry the best selection for your animal best friend. For pet shampoos, we recommend Equinade. They specialise in products that will help you produce high-quality leather products.

Equinade shampoos take pride in their formula to provide a healthy glow to coats. It has colour and shine boosters will revitalise dull and patch-coloured coats to create even tone and a bright, lasting shine. Equinade shampoos are PH balance, so you do not have to worry about your animal's skin. Animals include horses, dogs, cats, cattle, goats, rabbit, fowl, and other birds. For horses, you choose from Showsilk Glo Black Shampoo, Showsilk Glo Chestnut Shampoo, Showsilk Horse Bay Shampoo, and Showsilk Glo White Shampoo. Each shampoo depends on the horse's coat. Aside from shampoo, they also cater to hoof care, lubricants, and saddle care for your horses.

Equinade Product Range

Recently, Equinade has developed a product range for cats and dogs as well. All products in this range were explicitly designed to be gentle on the skin and coat of dogs. The Pooches n Cream range is concentrated, soft, highly effective and very economical. Show dog owners, groomers and pet owners are fascinated with the quality, price and the various sizes available. Equinade is also famous for their leather care products, making them the ultimate one-stop-shop for animal and leather care products. They have glycerin leather soap, harness cleaner, saddle oil, neatsfoot oil, leather dressing, and leather conditioner.

We at Pet Station stand by the products they offer. We only sell products that we know stand to its claim under the best price. We do not carry products because it is famous. We only carry the best for your pets. If you are looking for more pet products, visit our website.