Neutradex aids in the prevention and treatment od acidosis and dehydration in racing greyhounds.

Direction for Use:

Neutradex exerts a mild diuretic and neutralising effect on acidic substances which accumulate in the muscles and blood stream. Metabolic acidosis may impair normal muscular function, thereby interfering with performance. Dehydration, which can cause sluggish blood flow and impaired tissue oxygenation, can be effectively assisted by the administration of Neutradex. Greyhounds suffering from cystitis may have urine which is alkaline and a veterinary surgeon should be consulted for correct treatment.


Greyhounds (30kg):

Daily Dose:

4 ml mixed into food or milk while greyhound is in hard work

After race dose:

6ml mixed into next feed, or deposited over the tongue by oral syringe, following handslips, trials or racing. Greyhounds suffering from dehydration need a supplementary daily dose of electrolytes.
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