Beta-Cel is a balanced formulation of electrolytes specifically designed for greyhounds. Beta-Cel contains a range of different salts including chloride, magnesium and calcium in the correct amounts to meet the needs of the working dog. Beta-Cel also contains glucose to aid absorption of salts from the gut plus lactate and citrate salts to help buffer muscle acidosis.

  • Beta-Cel beats the stress of panting, training, racing & travelling.
  • Beta-Cel is designed specifically for greyhounds.
  • Many of its competitors are designed for horses or humans.
  • Beta-Cel removes the risk of an electrolyte deficiency in the daily diet.
  • Beta-Cel beats the stress of training, racing and travelBeta-Cel beats the stress of training, racing and travel
  • Specifically formulated for racing greyhounds
  • Beta-Cel assists in buffering muscle acidosis and contains glucose for energy
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