Conditioner Plus is an all-natural, ultra-fine blend of aluminosilicate volcanic tuff (consolidated volcanic ash) suspended in a highly palatable colloidal solution.
Conditioner Plus has a dual action: it is both a gentle, passive protectant of the vulnerable gut lining, and an active adsorbent of pathogens. The tuff in the Conditioner Plus has a powerful natural electrical energy, and our TuffRock processing technology boosts this energy.
The electrical charge that we insert into the molecular structure causes it to actively attract many types of gut stressors. They are trapped and are gently passed out of the bowel in the normal way without unbalancing the natural gut flora. In this way, Conditioner Plus acts as a safeguard, assisting with normal gut function and elimination.
Conditioner Plus will optimize digestive health and enhance feed conversion. The bio-available collagen assists calcium uptake for healthy skeletal structure and assists repair in joints, bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. The beneficial effect on internal health results in ultimate show coat condition. Horses and ponies under competition stress, changes in pasture, on concentrated feed, stabled, light-in-weight, no topline will all benefit having it daily.
Dosage: 20mL daily in food or pasted on tongue for horses 350kg and over. 10mL daily for horses under 350kg. Dose twice daily for horses in hard work or recovery.

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