Weird Cat Behaviours And What They Actually Mean

Author: Pet Station   Date Posted: 3 February 2021 

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As a cat owner, there are some situations where you will find your cat behaving weirdly. During these times, you may think that your cat has gone crazy. Don't worry, you are not the only one who has experienced this, and you might be surprised that these behaviours might be considered completely normal. Here are some of the most common weird cat behaviours, the reason why cats do them, how you can learn to live with them and enjoy these quirky shenanigans.

Why Do Cats Roll Around?

This is probably one of the most common behaviours you will find in cats. When a cat flips or throws itself on the ground and rolls, whether under the influence of catnip or cat toys or just during an ordinary day, it typically means that your cat feels safe and wants your attention. Your cat is also marking the area with its scent, which is a way of claiming your space as its own.

Why are Cats Showing their Butt?

You're hanging out with your cat, and the next thing you know, it is presenting its tail to your face. Quite confusing, isn't it? This behaviour is a backhanded compliment and kitty-correct. In the kitty language, a raised tail signals another cat that your cat feels secure and is graciously offering the opportunity of a butt sniff. If your cat does this to you, it gives you hugs and kisses, as to how we humans greet a friend. Don't worry, you don't need to sniff your cat's rear end to give the same greeting. What you can do is pet your cat and scratch where it likes to be scratched.

Why Cats Bury Poop?

We know that all cats cover their poop. They usually learn their litter box etiquette from their mothers, and domestic cats have long been encouraged to cover their excrement. Cats sometimes use their litter box to communicate, and you might notice that some want their poop to be available for the world to see. If they leave their excrement unburied, they are trying to claim territory.

Why Cats Covering Food?

Some cats are finicky eaters and some who express their food preferences by covering their food bowl. When you find your cat covering its cat food after eating some of it, it may be an instinctive behaviour as feral felines hide their food to make sure that no one touches them. You may also notice that your cat or kitten may scratch around its food bowl after eating or even hide it under shredded paper if they find one.

Why Cats are Eating Plastic?

You're back from the grocery store, and before you know it, your feline friend started licking the plastic bags. You tried stopping it but failed and kept pushing it away, but it kept coming back for it. What does this behaviour mean? Kittens may chew on anything while teething and may find the texture of plastic comforting which they will carry until adulthood. Another reason might just be the bag tastes good to the cat. However, plastics are a choking hazard and can cause intestinal obstruction, so always discourage your cats and provide it with safe chew toys dental treats or cat treats.

Why Cats are Winking?

Picture this scenario, you're staring at your cat and admiring its cuteness, then suddenly it winked at you. Is it flirting with you? Yes, absolutely! Your cat is flirting with you, and it is sometimes called a cat kiss. This slow cat-eye blink is a fantastic compliment, and it is a non-threat signal that felines use with each other and the humans they are comfortable with. You can also do the same to your cat, slowly closing and then opening your eyes. You may find your cat returning the cat-kiss eye blink!

Why Cats are Kneading?

There are two types of kneading, the front paw knead which is more of a reflective motion and the rear one which revs the kitty engine before it goes into full speed. Front paw kneading is generally believed to be a leftover nursing behaviour used to stimulate the release of milk from their mothers. You will notice that most adult cats do this behaviour when they are happy and satisfied. Through kneading, it also releases its cat's scent, marking its territory. Rear-foot kneading is usually done after mating or when hunting and it is about to launch an attack.

Why Cats are Interrupting Your Work?

You've seen videos on the internet, and you see it live in action. Your cat is trying to interrupt your daily tasks such as your phone time, when you're using your laptop, or when you're reading a book. This behaviour means that your cat is jealous of you giving attention to these things rather than itself. If this happens often, make sure that you give your cat more one-on-one time and interactive cat toys to keep it active and stimulated.

Why are Cats Headbutting?

Headbutting is a unique behaviour you'll see in your cats. Technically known as bunting, it refers to how a cat presses and rubs its head against objects or humans. Its other technical term, allorubbing, refers to the way cats rub their whole bodies against a human, another cat, or its canine friend. This is done to mark you or anyone with their scent, claiming you as their own.

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