The KONG Wobbler™ is an action-packed toy that is a mentally stimulating food dispenser. The KONG shaped toy sits upright until nudged by the dog’s paw or nose, dispensing tasty rewards as it wobbles, spins and rolls. The unpredictable movement stimulates natural instincts keeping even the most seasoned users challenged. The KONG Wobbler™ can also be used as an alternative to a dog bowl to help extend mealtime while providing exercise for your dog. Trying to get your dog to lose a few unwanted pounds? The KONG Wobbler™ is a great way to keep dogs moving while making them work for their food. Unscrews for easy filling and cleaning. Use the large Wobbler™ for medium to large-sized dogs.

  • Action packed food-dispensing toy that provides mental stimulation
  • Entertaining wobble sparks dogs’ curiosity engaging over time
  • Allows dogs to work for their food, engaging in natural instincts
  • Dishwasher safe; unscrews easily for filling
  • Made in the USA
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Kong Wobbler

3 May 2021
I purchased the larger one for my Jack Russell puppy as this size will be more beneficial when grown to adult size, but as a 9 week puppy it is so funny watching him body slam the wobbler to the ground to dispence the treats when in the correct position. If using this large toy with small kibble the dispencing hole will again need to be made smaller, the same as the Kong Gyro just cover some of the hole with some cardboard on the inside of the toy only. This particular to is my JRs favorite interactive toy so far.

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