Keymix Glutacide is an all-purpose surface disinfectant and cleaner for animal and bird housing. Both active ingredients of Glutacide combine to provide strong biocidal activity against micro-organisms. Glutaraldehyde is chemically related to formaldehyde with a similar antiseptic and disinfectant efficiency, but greater safety than formaldehyde. Quaternary ammonium compounds have well-established disinfectant qualities, plus excellent detergent, surface spread and penetration characteristics.

Glutacide kills bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa and yeasts. It is a highly effective all-purpose surface disinfectant for use in the animal industries. Glutacide has a rapid action and remains active for several days on treated surfaces. All animal and bird housing systems may be safely and effectively cleaned and disinfected using Glutacide. 

The product is not formulated or intended for use directly on animals or birds, however, but is suitable for all animal contact areas. Glutacide is non-staining and non-corrosive.

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