The teeth of this specially designed comb are turned 90 degrees away from the handle. This helps prevent "raking" the skin of the dog. While combing, the metal teeth of the comb are almost automatically placed nearly parallel to the skin, not perpendicular to it. Thsi is escpecially important when grrominh a silky coat with little or no undercoat.

Medium and longhaired dogs should be combed daily to prevent matting. Use a Gripsoft Slicker brush to tease out tangles and knots, then comb thoroughly.

FINE COMB: Used by professional groomers to keep fine-textured coats and the "feathers" on legs and tail of long-haired dogs tangle-free.
MEDIUM & COURSE COMBS: Used by professional groomers to keep the coat of medium and long-haired dogs tangle free.

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