Designed to be fed as a wet feed (liquid diet) which is the most natural way to feed your horse. By combining Alfalfa and Speedi-Beet together into one easy to use unique lozenge shape, Fibre-Beet offers an excellent source of highly digestible fibre in a liquid form and provides your horse with slow release energy without fizz. Formulated using all the benefits of Speedi-Beet incorporated with good quality alfalfa. An ideal soft feed for recovering or veteran horses and ponies where maintaining condition is often difficult and teeth may be in poor condition.


Provides a cool, slow release energy source
Well digested in the hindgut Beet pulp is approximately 80% digested in the hindgut
Laminitis trust approved feed
95% Sugar Free, 3% starch level
Short soaking time soak for 45 minutes in cold water immediately prior to feeding
Formulated using all the benefits of SpeediBeet incorporated with good quality alfalfa.
It contains a combination of fibre sources and provides an ideal fermentation substrate to maximise the fermentation of fibre

Enhancing the racing diet using super fibres

High energy fibre source
Pectins in beet pulp protect the stomach lining, reducing the risk of gastric ulcers
Helps horses hold condition through a preparation
Soaked feed aids rapid rehydration
Beet pulp improves muscle recovery rates after exercise

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