A premium blend multi-vitamin and mineral supplement for horses. Cost efficient premium product to fill all the vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the diet of a horse fed adequate roughage and sufficient grain to suit its work level.

This allows the rider to control and change the energy input without compromising the horse's vitamin and mineral nutrition as commonly occurs when the pellet intake is cut back as a horse goes to spell or during the spring pasture flush. It also makes the ideal supplement for overweight or miniature horses or ponies.


  • Improved hoof and skin health
  • A shiny coat
  • A stronger immune system
  • Better reproductive performance
  • Improved feed use efficiency
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Calcium: 6.4g, Phosphorus: 3.6g, Magnesium: 11.8g, Copper: 245mg, Zinc: 710mg, Manganese: 300mg, Cobalt: 0.9mg, Chromium: 3.0mg, Iodine: 4.0mg, Selenium: 1.3mg, Vitamin A: 22,500IU, Vitamin D: 3,000IU, Vitamin E: 720mg, Vitamin K: 3.0mg, B Group Vitamins: B1: 42.0mg, B2: 28.8mg, B3: 60.0mg, B5: 72.0mg, B6: 9.0mg, B12: 0.045mg, Folate: 15.0mg, Biotin: 15.0mg, Probiotics: Recommended daily serve of live yeast 'Saccharomyces cerevisiae'.

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