A neutral buffered ear flush.
Actions Dermcare Otoflush is an antiseptic ear cleaner which can be used to clean the ear canal of wax and purulent exudates in dogs, thereby improving penetration of prescribed medication and allowing topical antibiotic preparations to work more effectively. It has been shown to reduce microbial numbers and reduce microbial resistance to commonly used antibiotics.
Indications Dermcare Otoflush can be used to clean ear of exudates and as a premedicant prior to topical antibiotics. Where used as part of a treatment course immediately prior to each application of a topical antibiotic preparation, resistance in the infective organisms is reduced.
Contraindications Dermcare Otoflush has been safety tested (clinical examination and brainstem auditory evoked potential tests) in the presence of a ruptured tympanum. There was slightly increased hearing loss compared to saline after three weeks of three times daily flushing; however, this was attributed predominantly to overhydration. Follow up testing six weeks after the course of treatment revealed near normal hearing when compared to control (saline treated) animals. The use of Dermcare Otoflush in the presence of a ruptured tympanum should be weighed against the risks of hearing damage from the infection it is intended to help treat.
Precautions Safety directions Ingestion and contact with eyes should be avoided. In the event of contact with Dermcare Otoflush, eyes should be rinsed thoroughly with saline. Seek medical treatment if irritation is present.
Disposal Dispose of empty container by wrapping in paper and putting in garbage.
Directions for Use At home use. Remove the cap of the flush nozzle. lnsert the nozzle just into the ear canal opening and squeeze to fill the ear canal (approximately 0.5 mL for small breeds or 1.5 mL for larger breeds) with Dermcare Otoflush. Gently massage the ear then allow the dog to shake its head to remove debris and excess liquid from the ear. Repeat this process until the liquid coming out of the ear is clean. Wipe off any debris and excess liquid from the ear and ear opening. Remove any adherent ear exudate from the flush nozzle before replacing the cap. Routine ear cleaning. Repeat this procedure once a week only. Use in conjunction with antibiotic ear treatment. Repeat the procedure twice daily for a maximum of one week or as directed by a veterinary surgeon. Ears should be flushed and excess Dermcare Otoflush removed prior to antibiotic use. Extended daily usage can result in tissue overhydration and may retard healing of the tympanic membrane. Prolonged therapy should be monitored by a veterinarian.
In clinic use. Can be used as an irrigation solution for clinical ear cleaning and flushing procedures.
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