Daisyvite™ is a leading calf milk replacer available from all good rural supply stores. It is specially formulated and quality checked to meet the nutritional requirements of calves of all ages. Daisyvite™ is suitable for use in automatic feeders.
Formulated to the highest specification, utilising only the finest of ingredients including infant formula, skim milk powders and whole milk powders. Daisyvite™ mixes easily, has consistant quality and is one of the most cost efficient milk replacers available today.
Daisyvite™ is suitable for all feeding systems and can be fed to calves from 4 days old. (Colostrum and transition milk should be fed for the first 4 days).
Daisyvite™ contains a pre-mix which provides calves with their vitamin and mineral requirements. The addition of a Mannan Oligo-saccharide (MOS) to Daisyvite™ helps to minimise damage to sensitive stomach linings and to remove harmful bacteria. Daisyvite™ is proudly manufactured for and marketed by Probiotec Ltd, Australia to smart calf rearers all over Australia.
Daisyvite (20kg bag) is:
High in energy (fat) and protein.
Higher energy and protein levels mean better growth rates.
Contains a Mannan Oligo-saccharide (MOS) for a healthy gut balance to protect against scours and stomach disorders.
Supplies all necessary vitamins, minerals, and trace elements necessary for growth.
Easy mixing powder when added to warm water with consistant quality.
Can be used for once or twice a day feeding.
Suitable for use with automatic feeders.
Can be fed to all types of animals

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