URS Ultimate Reptile Suppliers - Reptile Supplies

If you are not into cats, dogs, birds, fish, and hamsters as a pet, then reptiles are a good fit for you. They do not take much space and do need to be walked outside daily.

There are different types of reptiles, and their needs vary differently. Not all families will choose a lizard or snake as a pet, but didn't you know that there are reptiles who are perfect to be a pet? But before you adopt or purchase one, there are things that you need to consider, like their housing, feeding requirements, and health needs. You cannot just get random aquariums for a turtle as most of them require a vivarium or a dry aquarium.

Their house temperature should be regulated and will require heating lights. They need the source of heat for them to digest their food since they became pets; they need to control the temperature, so you won't risk whether your pet is too cold or too heated. Given this situation, it is sometimes difficult to find supplies for your cold-blooded friends. URS reptile or your Ultimate Reptile Supplier is the largest professional reptile dealer in Australia. They carry products designed specifically for the correct way of keeping and caring for these unique pets.

From the URS heating mat and a heat rock, URS reptile specialty items are available for your reptile pets. They also have heated terrariums, sterilised bark chips as a bush for your phyton, anti-fungal blocks for turtles, reptile multivitamins, and feeds.

Deciding to get a reptile is a lifelong commitment. If taken care of the right way, they can live up to 20 years and even outlive you. Turtles can live up to 30 years, python for 15 years, and lizards for 20 years. Get your URS reptile products at Pet Station and enjoy affordable prices for your favourite pet brands.