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There are a lot of reasons why toys for pets are essential. It is not a luxury but a necessity for their well being. Every toy has a purpose, and although there are options everywhere, you want a toy that will develop your dog's behaviour and improve their health. For dogs, toys provide mental stimulation; it puts out their energy, so they do not have to be overly excited all the time. Playing with toys is equivalent to a 30-minute walk. If you are looking for the perfect toy for your pet, then check out Gigwi, a toy company for pets. Their lifelong mission is to provide high-quality toys for your pets.

Gigwi Interactive Toys Online

There are different kinds of toys to choose from. Chew toys to divert your dog's energy from play biting. It also helps with their boredom while keeping their jaw muscles healthy. Then there are comfort toys, toys they treat as a companion like they cannot sleep without that toy. Interactive toys such as Gigwi feather teaser & jumpball, on the other hand, build a relationship between you and your pet. But toys are not just beneficial to dogs; it is also great for cats. It helps the cats express their hunting instinct. Their mind is stimulated and at the same time, provides the exercise they need.

For indoor cats, play is essential to use up all their energy as they cannot go outside to loiter, guard their territory and play. One toy from Gigwi, the Gigwi melody chaser, uses realistic animal sound effects to capture your cat's attention and encourage them to play. Toys that produce sound keeps your cat engaged over a long period. If your cat is overweight, it can help them move and reduce weight. Prevention is better than cure, so play with your kittens while they are still young.

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