Why Jerky Treats Are Perfect For Dogs

Author: Pet Station   Date Posted: 25 May 2022 

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We all want to spoil our furry little friends with a good treat from time to time. Well, what if we told you that the best treat you could offer your dog would be some delicious jerky treats? Believe it or not, dog-safe jerky treats exist! Not only does it make for a tasty snack, but it can also be highly beneficial to your canine’s health. Let’s dig a little deeper into why jerky treats for dogs are the best!

4 Amazing Benefits of Jerky Treats for Dogs

Most people who are unfamiliar with jerky tend to be unsure about including it in their dog’s diet. However, there are many reasons why jerky treats can be a great option for your dog.

A Healthy Choice

For starters, most jerky treats for dogs are made from lean meats such as beef, kangaroo, lamb, veal and pork. There are also poultry options including duck, turkey and chicken, as well as seafood. These meats have a lower calorie content than other dog treats options available on the market.

Apart from the calorie content, the process of dehydration that turns meat into jerky is really gentle and ensures that the dry meat will retain all of its rich vitamins and nutrients. In addition to this, dehydrated meat is also a great source of protein. Due to this, most premium jerky treats for dogs are packed full of nutrition!

Furthermore, dog jerky treats are less processed than other dog treats and do not contain a huge amount of preservatives. These qualities make jerky treats a more natural and healthier choice for when you want to improve your dog’s diet while giving them something special too.

Engaging Mental Stimulation

The dehydration process usually removes most of the water content from the jerky meat. This in turn makes the meat quite tough and chewy. The act of gnawing and chewing away at the meat is a great mental stimulation for your dog and can be a good form of relieving stress. For particularly anxious or excited dogs, giving them a piece of jerky to chew on can be a good distraction for when you need to be away for a while.

Great for Doggo Dental Health

Not only is dog jerky rich in nutrients, but it is also great for maintaining your dog’s oral hygiene. Chewing is a natural way in which dogs ‘clean their teeth’, so to speak. Chewing through the tough jerky meat causes a gentle scraping action against the teeth that promotes the removal of plaque and tartar build-up. So not only is jerky a delightful snack for your dog, but it is also great for your pup’s pearly whites.

A Perfect Reward

Jerky is a great training reward for your canine. Since jerky can be broken down into smaller pieces, you can give your dog a little bit at a time, making the training process a lot easier. Little pieces of jerky meat are often a ‘high-value’ treat which acts as a positive reinforcement while training. You’ll likely find your dog is a better student when they know you have some jerky on hand.

What Jerky Treat Should I Get My Dog?

There are several kinds of jerky treats available out there, but not every kind may be best for your dog. There are some factors to consider before you purchase jerky treats for your dogs. These include:

Consider Your Dog’s Age

How old your dog is can determine what kind of jerky is best suited for them. For instance, puppies and older dogs with weak teeth will not have enough jaw strength to chew on large, tough pieces of jerky. Furthermore, big pieces can be a choking hazard in some instances. Make sure to purchase jerky treats that are age appropriate and always check the packaging for any additional information.

Think About When You Want To Treat Your Dog

Since jerky is a treat and not a main meal, the type of jerky you need will mostly depend upon when you want to treat your pup.

If you wish to treat them while training, you should opt for something that can be easily broken into smaller pieces for quick, satisfying rewards.

On the other hand, if you’re busy or need to go out, you will need your dog to be distracted for a while. For this, get something bigger and tougher so that they have something to work on while you run your errands.

Sometimes, all you may want is to give your dog an occasional treat or snack. In that case, get something that is small enough that it does not disrupt your dog’s nutrition and calorie intake drastically, but that is also large enough to provide that chewing action for dental health.

Do You Know What Flavour Your Dog Likes?

This may seem like a minor thing, but flavour is a key factor when it comes to choosing jerky for your dog. Just like humans, dogs can be picky eaters. If you get a flavour they don’t like, then they may simply not eat it and the jerky along with your money will go to waste.

Check For Allergies

Food allergies are not just specific to humans. A tiny percentage of dogs are allergic to certain kinds of food including beef, dairy and wheat. Your dog may or may not fall into this small category, but it is better to be safe than sorry. To avoid any major complications, always consult with your vet before deciding to incorporate jerky (or any new food item, for that matter) into your dog’s diet. As an added precaution, when purchasing pet food, always check the packaging to see what ingredients are included in the product.

Steer Clear of Jerky Made For Humans

At all costs, do not ever substitute dog jerky treats for human-grade jerky. This is because jerky for humans is often heavily salted, spiced and overly processed with preservatives. These additives can be really harmful to dogs and upset their stomachs. So don’t get lazy and chuck them your leftover beef jerky from the pantry. Be safe and stick to the dog-friendly kind.

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