Discover Tips & Tricks for the Best Way to Clean Your Cat's Litter

Author: Pet Station   Date Posted: 21 June 2022 

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Any cat person will tell you that a feline friend can make the perfect companion. Always there for a scratch and cuddle, but independent enough to manage themselves and head to the cat litter when required. Of course, cat litter is not always as straightforward, and many of us can easily lose a weekend cleaning the litter box and finding those litter clumps all over the house.

If you want to reclaim those hours spent cleaning up after your cat and provide them with a sanitary and easily-maintained solution, here is your complete guide to cleaning your cat litter.

Choosing the Right Cat Litter Box

You want to be working smarter and not harder when it comes to cat litter maintenance, and choosing the right litter box is going to be the smartest decision you make. A litter box with high sides will ensure that spillages are kept to a minimum and they are ideal for kittens through to mature-sized cats. Without the right box coverage, you might find your cat's business all over your floor, doubling your cleaning efforts.

Another key consideration is the number of trays you own per cat. It is best practice to have enough trays for the number of cats you own, plus an extra one to be safe. You want to spread these litter boxes around your home to avoid your cat's sharing, which is not healthy or a behaviour you want to promote among your cats.

Always Line Your Cat Litter Tray

It is critical that you buy cat litter liners and use them on all your litter boxes, as this is going to make your cleaning tasks more manageable and give your trays greater longevity. Without a liner, you will have to clean the litter tray more frequently and with more detail. There is great variance in the quality when you buy cat litter online, and the same goes for your liners.

A modern cat litter liner will conveniently cover the tray and stay in place due to the elasticised band, keeping your tray covered regardless of your cat's behaviour in the box. When you are ready to change the liner on clean-up day, you can simply pick up the liner and pull the elasticised liner string to contain the soiled litter inside. It’s all ready to go into the bin with no scooping or mess.

Choosing a Low-Mess Cat Litter Online

Cat litter has certainly come a long way, with a number of innovations and new brands entering the space to improve the way we clean up after litters of cats to solo felines. If you have not bought a new cat litter in years and are unaware of what is out there, it might be time to explore the following low-mess cat litter varieties.

1. Clumping Cat Litter

Clumping cat litter is made to clump together when used, making the clean-up easier. It also makes the soiled litter more identifiable so that you can start with those areas first. There are also reduced smell options so you can choose a fragrant litter to limit odours in your home.

2. Reduced Tracking Cat Litter

If your cat is famous for traipsing litter through the home, then a reduced tracking litter might be a great way to create a cleaner home environment. A larger pellet variety is less likely to be caught between the toes or on the paws of your furry friend, so look for a bigger, weightier litter solution.

Eco-Friendly Cat Litter

Buying eco-friendly cat litter is not only beneficial to the environment, but it can shave considerable time off your cleaning. A compostable cat litter can easily be deposited in an outdoor compost, or you might prefer a flushable option. Either way, it doesn’t end up in a landfill and is easily dealt with.

Be Diligent With Maintenance Cleans

The big clean litter box clean will not happen every day, but regular maintenance cleans are needed to keep your home tidy and free of any odours. You can save yourself the bother of finding all the cleaning instruments every time you need to spot clean, and instead keep them on hand in a container or bucket ready to go.

Your maintenance clean kit should include:

  • A dustpan or handheld vacuum for scattered litter.
  • A scoop for soiled clumps and faecal matter.
  • Sanitary wipes for spot cleans.
  • Clean cat litter liners when changes are required.
  • Refill litter.

The goal of maintenance cleaning is to remove the clumps and faecal matter to extend the useful life of this batch of the litter. The number of cats you own and their unique behaviour will determine how often you conduct maintenance cleans, but let your cat’s litter presentation and smell guide you. Your cat may even try and tell you when it’s time for a clean!

Commit to a Thorough ‘Big Clean’

When your cat’s litter is well and truly used, it’s time to load a podcast or playlist and get ready to undertake a big clean. Carefully remove your liner so that the soiled cat litter is contained inside — this is made easier with an elasticised liner. Pay attention to see if your cat has scratched a tear in the liner. You may need to double-bag it as a result. Dispose of your litter accordingly, either in the compost, bin or flushed down the toilet. Be aware though, if there is a substantial amount of litter, stagger the flushes to avoid any clogs.

Now the litter is dealt with, you can wash, rinse and dry the tray. This is an important step as the liners sometimes do not catch it all, and you do not want the tray to retain any smell. Assess the area where your litter box goes to see if the floor needs an additional mop, or if any of the walls nearby have caught any splashes.

How Often Should You Change a Cat's Litter?

Generally speaking, you want to aim to do a big clean every fortnight, and a maintenance clean as often as once a week or every few days. Some cats will have no problem using the floor if their litter boxes are too messy, so keep on top of your cleaning. There are some circumstances that may warrant a big clean every few days, including if:

  • Your cat is unwell.
  • You have small children sharing the space and they are crawling in the area.
  • You or someone in your house is pregnant.
  • Your home has limited airflow.
  • Your litter box is the only place your cat goes to the toilet.

If your cat is both an indoor and outdoor cat, then the litter box may be used with less frequency and so you may only need to clean on an as-needed basis.

Revolutionise Your Cat Litter Cleaning Today

Our feline friends are certainly independent creatures, but it’s up to us to keep their home and litter box clean and sanitary. Adopt an efficient cleaning regime for your cat litter to create a more inhabitable space for everyone in the household. Pet Station is the preferred retailer for all things cat litter, with a range of cleaning products, tools and equipment, plus plenty of cat litter to choose from! Check out the variety of cat supplies, and enhance your at-home cleaning regime with these tried-and-tested products.