What Dog Toys Should I Get to Keep My Dog Healthy & Happy

Author: Pet Station Australia   Date Posted: 27 April 2022 

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Whether you’re a first-time pet owner or a seasoned pet owner, the one thing you will agree with is that keeping your pet entertained is a must. One thing experienced pet owners will vouch for is that every pet has a different personality, hence the preferences for toys or entertainment is also a bit varied. However, the need for entertainment is similar across all pets. Dogs are a pertinent example in this case.

Why Your Dog Will Love Toys

There are many different benefits of getting your dog toys. Many toys are used for training purposes, such as teaching your dog to fetch and catch. Such games help you develop a bond with your pet. These games also have physical benefits as well as they are a great opportunity for dogs to run around and build muscle strength.

Playing with dog toys also gives your dog tons of mental, as well as physical stimulation. They may need to work out a particular problem to get a tasty treat or get a particular sound or reaction from the toy. This can keep your dog busy and entertained in a productive way while you are out.

How Do You Choose Dog Toys?

You should choose toys for your furry little bundle of joy based on the following criteria: breed, lifestyle and objective. Dog breed is an important factor because different breeds interact with toys differently. For instance, certain dog breeds have strong and broad jaws, so you need to give them strong chew toys. An example of such a breed is the staffies. These dogs have strong jaws, hence are strong chewers. They can easily chew a bone or chew toy in less than 60 seconds flat, which is why they’re often called power chewers.

When choosing a toy for your dog make sure you take into consideration your lifestyle. If you work from the office full-time, which means you are away from the house for long periods throughout the day, then you will need to consider toys with two objectives in mind: curbing separation anxiety and killing boredom. In regards to meeting these objectives, it can help to divide dog toys into three categories: interactive toys, distraction toys and comfort toys.

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are those which involve the pet owner’s participation, like fetch or rope toys. Fetch toys as the name suggests include balls, frisbees and rubber toys that bounce around when thrown. Tennis balls and soft rubber frisbees are popular favourites among dogs, encouraging them to run around. You’ll find that tennis balls are available in a variety of sizes to suit dogs of all different breeds, ages and sizes.

Often pet owners like to get throwing devices as well, which increase the distance a ball is thrown and the dog has to go and fetch it. An example of a popular yet very basic fetch toy is the CHUCKIT Breathe Right Fetch Stick dog toy. This toy is a great replacement for wood fetch sticks as it is much safer because wood splinters can often injure your dog’s mouth. In addition, its unique design makes it so your dog can easily breathe when the stick is in their mouth.

The Kong Jumbler is also great for a fun game of fetch. It has a tennis ball, squeaker and tumbling interior which makes it all the more interactive for you and your dog. Furthermore, it’s designed with handles that make it easier for your dog to pick up and hold.

Another popular type of interactive toys is the rope toy which can be used for fun sessions of tugging and fetching. A good example of such a toy is the KONG Dog Extreme Ball With Rope. This product offers 2-in-1 benefits as its long rope is great for tugging and the ball part is perfect for fetching.

Distraction Toys

Distraction toys, as the name suggests, help distract your dog when you cannot play, for instance, while you’re away at work or simply tired or just not in the mood. There are mainly three types of distraction toys: food-delivery, chew toys and puzzle toys.

Food-delivery toys offer hours of distraction. Treats can be added to these toys and the dog has to chew and play with the toy to dispense the treat.

Chew toys are perfect for dogs who are teething or love to work their jaws. They are a great distraction and help keep your shoes and other things out of your dog’s mouth.

Puzzle toys require the dog to solve a puzzle to get to the treat. They may need to push parts of the toy around or sniff out where the treats are hiding.

Comfort Toys

Comfort toys are basically a favourite toy that your dog likes to have some quiet time with. These are usually small stuffies ideally the size of prey such as a mouse, rabbit or small duck. However, your dog may prefer something bigger to snuggle with. Comfort toys can help keep your dog feel safe and secure when you are not around, reducing anxiety and ensuring that they can relax.

Answering Your Dog Toy Questions

What Are the Safest Toys for Dogs to Chew On?

When buying a chew toy, make sure it is made of non-toxic rubber or otherwise safe materials. In addition, be aware that chew toys serve different purposes. If you’re buying a chew toy for a puppy, then opt for one that promotes oral health and aids teething discomfort. For an adult, a goat horn can relieve boredom by providing hours of chewing. Another popular chew toy is the EE Toys Chicken Wing Non-Toxic Dental Chew dog toy which is of course plastic but smells and tastes like chicken wings.

In addition, whether presenting your dog with a new toy or an old one, always check the toy is in good condition and does not present a choking hazard. If parts are coming away, you may need to replace the toy so your dog does not swallow anything they shouldn’t.

What Toys Do Dogs Play With?

Like kids, dogs often learn by your example. The toys that your dog is most likely to play with are those that you or another dog show them how to play with! This could include throwing a ball for them to fetch, playing tug with a rope or simply squeezing the squeaker in a toy. Which toys your dog plays with will also depend on their mood, how interesting they find the toy, and their preferred play style. As you get to know your dog better, you will start to understand what sorts of toys they like to play with best.

Bonus Tip

You don’t have to always buy your dog new toys. If a toy is in good condition, you can always hide it for some time and give it to your dog again later. Like us, dogs can become accustomed to objects and not really notice them anymore if they see them every day. But, if it goes away for a bit, your dog will be excited to see it return!

What Toys Do Dogs Like the Most?

There’s no definite answer to this question — like people, dogs have different preferences. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a range of toys when you first get your dog. See what they like and are not interested in. You can also try introducing different toys every now and again to see if they want to try something new. Don’t forget, you can also talk to friends and family with similar dogs to see what they recommend.

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