Highly palatable, easy-to-digest pellet for older horses
When your horse has 'put in' for you, its your responsibility to ensure it has a healthy retirement.

Older horses have special nutritional needs. Their digestive efficiency is reduced so they are not able to extract as much nutritional value from their feed as they used to. This problem is compounded by teeth that may be missing or worn.

Barastoc Senior is specifically formulated with cooked cereal and fibre sources to improve digestibility and palatability in the older horse. It contains an increased level of highly digestible fibre and live yeast cultureto maintain healthy gut function.

To compensate for decreased absorption of protein and soil deficiencies, Barastoc Senior contains high quality protein from soyabean meal and is fortified with vitamins and trace minerals. And for increased palatability it alsocontains molasses.

Even horses with little or no grinding surface on their teeth can be fed Barastoc Senior, as the pellets are easily softened with water to form a mash.
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