Avico Grains, Greens and Grit Mix for Birds, Fine

You may wish to offer grit to your pet bird although not every bird requires it. In the wild, birds often ingest small rocks, sand or grit to improve digestion of their meals. These bits of grit sit in the gizzard and work to pummel the food up into easily digestible pieces. This action is needed because birds do not have teeth to grind their food.

Commercial bird food is often formulated to be easily digestible so that grit is not necessary. Some birds, however, can benefit from the addition of grit, especially if their diet consists of seeds and other hard foods.

This Avico grains, greens and grit has a fine texture so is easily ingested by pet birds.
Avico recomends it to be made available to your bird at all times, especially prior to and during the breeding season

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