Ingredients: Oat Hulls, Binders (Oats, Barley, Wheat, Beans Calcium Carbonate), Home n' Dry (Soya and an ammonia releasing agent)

Digestibe Energy: Crude Protein, WSC (Water Sol. Carbs), ESC (Simple Sugars), Starch, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium Sodium

Alkapellets are not a complete feed, they should just be added into what you are already feeding.  We recommend to remove the same weight of chaff as you add of Alkapellets, unless you want to put more condition on your horse.  
Also remember that the horse will better utilise everything being fed, so once the hind gut is working optimally you may want to cut down on the energy type feeds too.

Alkapellets help the horse's whole digestive system, the high alkalinity comes from ammonia bicarbonate salts that are formed in the processing of the pellets.  
Ammonium Bicarbonate salts are very similar to horse's saliva, which is also very alkaline, horse's produce saliva when they are chewing and at no other time. Saliva is produced to help prepare the food for the digestive system, because it is very thick and viscous it helps protect the stomach and foregut against acid issues, so the Alkapellets help to boost these levels.  But, more importantly the high alkalinity in Alkapellets is also carried on through to the hind gut.  
In the hind gut you have 2 major groups of bacteria or microbes, which have a symbiotic relationship with the horse to break down the food eaten and to turn it into a form that the horse can utilise.

When you have animals having high grain or energy diets, there can become an imbalance in the hind gut.
The starch digesting bacteria/microbes (which like an acidic environment) start to take over, and in extreme cases this is where you see unsoundness and horses going off their feed.  As the starch digesting microbes die off they release lactic acid.  So, you have a horse that is working hard, so has muscular lactic acid release and then we compound the acid issue with microbial lactic acid release.

Alkapellets work by creating a slightly less acidic environment in the hind gut, which the fibre digesting bacteria/microbes can flourish in.  Your horse utilises this fibre digesting microbial production for energy, warmth, coat condition and general overall condition.
When the digestive system and hind gut is working optimally, your horse gets much better feed utilisation and mineral and vitamin uptake, the horse has the best opportunity to utilise these efficiently.

For a horse with digestive issues, slowly introduce the Alkapellets over 2 weeks, building up to 150 grams per 100kg of horse's bodyweight, twice daily.  After 6 weeks you can slowly reduce down to the 100 grams per 100kg of body weight, if there are no digestive issues, slowly introduce the Alkapellets, but at the maintenance rate of 100grams per 100kg of body weight.

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