Catmate Hardwood Pellet Natural and Biodegradable Cat Litter Is A Sustainable Option For Eco Friendly Pet Owners

Long-Lasting Use 

  • Catmate Hardwood Litter Pellets are designed for a slower breakdown process  

  • This means they outlast traditional pellets and ensure your litter tray stays fresh for longer periods 

Superior Absorption & Low Dust 

  • These pellets are highly absorbent, locking in moisture effectively 

  • They are also virtually dust-free, which means less mess and minimal tracking outside the litter box 

Eco-Friendly & 100% Biodegradable 

  • Composed of compostable materials, Catmate pellets can be repurposed as mulch in your garden, promoting a greener environment 

  • Even the bag is green and has been made from recycled plastic 

Natural Odour Control

  • Due to the natural oils of the wood, these litter pellets combat the growth of bacteria and the ammonia smell without relying on harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances 

Versatile and Safe for Pets 

  •  Ideal for a variety of pets including kittens, adult cats, rabbits, birds, reptiles, and rodents, providing a safe and hygienic environment for all 

Compatible with Various Litter Trays 

  • These pellets are suitable for use in all types of litter trays 

  • For optimal results and extended use, pair with the Catmate sieve tray 

Sustainably Sourced 

  • This eco-friendly wood pellet kitty litter is made from sustainably sourced plantation hardwood 

  • It offers a premium, environmentally responsible choice for conscientious pet owners 


  • Due to the natural materials used, the litter pellets may vary in colour from bag to bag 

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