Pulse-8 is a concentrated liquid source of high potency A,D, E and B-Complex vitamins. Vitamins A,D,E and B-Complex help promote maximum utilisation of high energy rations and assist recovery after hard exercise, stimulating the appetite to avoid track sourness. Pulse-8 is an ideal addition to complete feeds which are often low in vitamins due to processing, storage and interaction with minerals.


Horses fed 'Complete Feed" diets.
Horses in hard training.
Maximum utilisation of high energy rations.
Maintaining appetite
Preventing "track sourness".
Aiding recovery after strenuous after strenuous exercise.

Unique packaging - liquid is presented in two seperate bags in a twin 'wine cask'.
The unique packaging means only vitamins that are compatible (ie, don't break each other down) are mixed together - ensuring maximum strength of the formula.
Factors that damage and weaken vitamins and their potency (ie, oxygen, light, and minerals) are eliminated with Pulse-8 unique 'wine cask' presentation.

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