The Cat Loo is an easy 1-2-3 solution that provides your cat with a natural, odourless toilet that is easy to maintain and economical to use.

How does it work?

The tray is made up of two parts--two trays sit on top of each other, and the top one has holes in the bottom which act like a sieve.

Liquid waste is quickly absorbed by the product and breaks down into a brown sawdust-type mix.

This then drops through into the bottom tray leaving the top tray contents totally dry.

Any liquid waste that drops straight through the sieve tray is absorbed by the original handful in the bottom tray.

Solid waste will stay on the top of the litter in a clump and will not get all through the product like other litters do.

The solids are then easily removed with a scoop (daily or twice daily) and the lower tray is emptied.

Simply compost the leftovers!

How does the Oz-Pet Loo Eliminate Odour?

The biggest advantage of Oz-Pet is that it stops the strong pee pong and eliminates rather than masks the smell of ammonia. Any smells from a fresh deposit are quickly absorbed and you are left with a faint, natural earthy/wood fragrance. The eucalyptus oil in the pellets stop the bacteria growing that cause smell.

Why Use the Oz-Pet Litter System

It's Economical - Litter Lasts Longer- You're not throwing away good litter with the waste;

Don't replace litter - New pellets are added on the top and the wet particles are removed at the bottom;

Reduce Odour - The wet litter breaks down and falls through into the bottom tray and is removed;

No more tracking litter around your home -  With the fine particles sieved out they can't get out of the tray;

Always looks clean - You will love the clean look of only fresh pellets in the tray.

The Kit includes:

2 Trays (includes a spare)

Sieve Layer

3kg starter size litter


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