IAH Mecworma and Bot Wormer Paste

Suitable for: Horses as part of a regular parasite control program. Particularly important for breeding stock, foals and yearlings.

International Animal Health (IAH) formulate a range of products to support the health and wellbeing of horses and foals. IAH markets quality Australian owned and Australian made products, from feed additives, probiotics, anti-parasitic pastes and drenches, to first aid, hoof-care and grooming products.

Mecworma and Bot is a broad spectrum worming paste for horses of all ages, including foals, pregnant mares, aged and debilitated horses. This wormer is highly effective in the control and treatment of large and small strongyles (Strongylus and Cyathostomum spp), including benzimidazole-resistant strains, bots (Gasterophilus spp), cutaneous onchocerciasis and other nematodes including Habronema and Draschia spp. which cause skin lesions (summer sores). For a full list of parasites covered, please see below.

Broad-spectrum wormer for horses
Highly effective against important parasites
Smooth and sticky consistency is well-tolerated
To be administered orally, dial-a-dose syringe
Suitable for horses of all ages, including foals, yearlings and breeding stock

The Mecwormer and Bot worming paste contains abamectin, which is part of the macrocyclic lactones group of anthelmintics. This group of wormers is generally regarded as the most effective, with the least toxicity and a wide safety margin at the recommended dose level.

When administered at the recommended dose, the Mecwormer and Bot paste controls: Large and Small Strongyles, Ascarids, Pinworms, Hairworms, Lungworms, Bots, Intestinal Threadworms, Neck Threadworms and Stomach Worms.

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